About: Michael D. Booker

What got me into comedy and entertainment producing?

It was when an ex ex  ex girlfriend and I went to see Richard Pryor at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos Ca. Pryor did a very funny 15 minute set.That evening I bragged to my date that, I could do that. And so my comedy career was born. My lovely wife Lisa has been the most constant supporter of my comedy and my biggest fan along with my two multi-talented sons, Michael JC and Chris. Some Twenty five plus years later, here I am, still  doing it. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to promote many of my comedian friends and other comics. I now have 11 years experience, producing comedy shows and music events.  I have met some super talented performers, I even did a video taped show with George Lopez.  I have been on stage with some of the funniest comics in the world including  David A Moss, Steven Pearl, George Wallace, Mark Curry, Mary Wells, Pat Paulsen, The Coasters, Shirley Hemphill and LaWanda Page. 

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